Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mais Uma Semana

Well, the church changed its e-mail service, so this is my my new email but, also it is g-mail, so it is faster and better. This week was still hard but I am still going. Well, last p-day was fine. I just cleaned and chilled...very realxing. Tuesday we went to Presidents house because our district is one of 3 most baptizing districts in the mission. We ate rice and beans chilled in ac and watched movies...National Treasure and Prince Caspian. It was good...very enjoyable. Presidents house is sweet. It sits up on the 12th floor and it has granite floors overlooking the beach in Vitoria. It's very cool. Then, Wednesday morning we had to go back because we had a trainer trainee meeting. It was good long but good. I love president. He is so inspired. We ate again. I could get used to that. I saw McQuivey (my mtc comp). Its weird, I miss him a bit. I love Ekstrom we get a long very well. He is very easy to live with. I am doing well. Its still hard but I will make it. Keep praying for me, I need them. Its only hard the hours from11-3 hahaha!!!
So, during comp study I was practicing teaching and I was like we come from far away to share our beliefs. The word in port for belief is crença and I said crinça which is a child . Ekstrom laughed so hard and did not stop laaughing and then told like 20 people. It was funny. So, yesterday was good. Daylight savings time ended, so we got an extra hour of sleep. I woke up an hour early. I have a hard time sleeping. I get up and pee like 5 times a night. I thought that was supposed to happen when I was older, oh well. Church was good, Renata got confirmed and the spirit was really strong. I am understanding more.
Josie and Newton, the less actives that love us are moving out of our area, but still in our ward. Sad, I love them so much. Yesterday, for lunch after church the food was really gross. The rice and beans were fine, but I looked in the pot with chicken and there was a chicken leg...very gross. Then we had dessert which were some fruit things; it was a cross between a fig and a brussel sprout. nasty, I ate four to be nice and had to drink water to swallow them.
Transfers are this week. I could be transferred, but it is doubtful. I think Eksrom will become district leader. Johnson we think will be transferred.
Ekstrom made me do a connection, first visit with a contact we made. This family was kinda crazy. The guy had body odor and 7 toes. This mom was crazy too. She kept asking if I was german and i did not know what she was saying so i just said yes. Ekstrom was laughing like crazy. At Newton and Josie's yesterday they wanted to see a pic of the family. I keeep a pic in my portuguese scriptures. After she saw them, I was like I have one more sister and then I showed them a picture of Tazie. They loved I hope your happy Dad!!!
Brandi, if you read this tell Cheeks I said happy belated birthday.
I love you all...... take care!!!!!
Elder Athans

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