Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mais uma semana

Tudo bem everyone

Well, last week after e-mailing, our district traveled across Vitoria to some catholic place. It was up top a small mountain. I wanted to die walking up it but some how I made it. It was worth it. It was a building dediated to some cathloic saint....Maria da Penha I think. After that we went to the mall. It is called "shopping." We ate Burger King lol...It only cost 13.90 Reais. It was good though.

We had a district meeting. I love our district. It is our companionships here in the Jardim Limieiro and the other ward. Our district leader Elder Bessa is very short. He reminds ,me of Yoda, but he is hilarious. After district meeting, I went on divisons/splits with Elder Croshaw (Elder Bessas comp). It was cool; he is pretty cool. We walked a lot that day.

Wednesday, we took the bus into the Vitoria because we had interviews with president. We had mail and stuff. I got a letter from Mike Deal. I think he sent it a long time ago. It was nice though. I will talk about my interview with President later. That night we went on divisions with the ward. I went with the Elders quorem presdient Jose Carlos. It was good. I was nervous, but it went well.

Saturday, we had Renata's baptism. I got to perform it. I was so nervous. It went well and only one try hahaha. I was gonna ´play paino during the service but, yeah did not happen...too many flats. She did not show up to church yesterday, so she did not get confirmed kinda sad.....oh well. Kaique did not show up either so we will see.

This week is carnivel and because our district baptized some of the most we get to go to President's house and have a party thing. I am excited. Then on Wednesday we get to go again for a trainer trainee meeting.

So, about my interview with President, he told me to share my feelings with you guys so here they are. I am struggling a little being here. It is not easy. It's a fight every day to be honest. But, I am enduring and doing the best that I can to endure it well. I got a little emotional during our interview. He said, "Elder Athans I feel inspired to ask you if you want a priesthood blessing," and I was like of course. Some highlights that I remember from the blessing that I want to share are these. I was foreordained to this calling and prepared. I met those that I would baptize in pr-earth life. At the moments when I dont think Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are there at that moment they are boaring me up. Tribulations are blessings. I will learn more portuguese everyday.

That blessing was a tender mercy from Father. It helped. Pray for me this week for comfort and support. I need all that I can get.

All for this week, when I get a cord for my camera I will send pics.

I love you all!

Elder Athans

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