Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from Elder Athans

Hello all from the great state of Utah

Tudo bem

This week has truely blessed me. Sunday, we heard from Stephen Allen who works at the missisonary department for the church. Then, Tuesday for devotional we had Dallin H. Oaks come, which was amazing. Seeing the apostles in the MTC is neat because they really are not as formal and can say a lot more stuff.

Thanksgiving was good. I am not gonna lie, I do find myself missing dads croissant turkey sandwich. They are way good. But, like Nehemiah I am doing a great work, so I cannot come down. The food was good.
Mom, I have gained about 9 lbs which is really scary to me. Haha, I usually run about 2 miles a day.

Thanksgiving was good. We had a devotional, a fireside, and service project. The devotional speaker brought me close to tears because it was........Jeffrey R. of my favorite speakers. He was amazing. The spirit was so strong. I was really touched by a presentation showing the humanitarian services by the church. It answers the question.... yes, i am my brothers keeper. It really did bring me close to tears...which rarely happens.

Well i will add more later....we only get 30 minutes timed to email on P=day. That is why my letters are not longer. I will do my best. I should have more time later in the afternoon. Thanks for the emails.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hello from the MTC-11/20/09

Hello family,

Tudo Bem

I have my pday today. I am using half of my internet time to write, and then i will check to see if you wrote me back.

This week has honestly been tough. The hardest part thus far has been having to live with a companion. I am a lot of times very individualistic, so yeah. I have been praying to work on that. It will get better though because I have the lord on my side. If God is for us, then who can be against us?

I like the MTC. It is fun. It really is work. But, the outpouring of the spirit is amazing. Sunday, we got to hear from Sherri Dew. She is very neat and her testimony really helped and gave me some good ideas for study. Tuesday we had Bishop Edgley and his wife speak to us. He spoke about the impact of missionary work. I like the scripture from Isaiah 61:1 because it really defines what missionary work is and who all it helps.

I have not seen Allen yet. I want to. I think it would help you know seeing family and all.

One truth i have learned this week was from one of my districts teachers. His name is Brother Flanigan. He bore powerful testimony of study journals. it totally changed my outlook on studying. He explained it like this. God loves everyone the same; but, he doesn't trust everyone the same. How do we show him that we are worthy of his trust? We write down revelations or promptings from the spirit and act on them. I have noticed as i write down every prompting I recieve and do them that father is willing to bless us with me and we feel of his love. i know that this is truth becuase i can feel the holy ghost testify to me of this truth.

Family thank you so much for your support to me these past 19 years. Pray for me often. especially for patience. I try to remember you guys as much as i can. How is TJ? What is his email? Mom, email me the rest of the families emails. The language is coming well enough. I can pray, testify and write sentences in Portuguese. I can feel the spirit teaching or helping me with the porteuguese language.

There were 700 new missionaries this week. Poor kids, I remember what it was to be like them. Haha, I have tried to help them out as much as i can.

How is the house? Dad, please dont forget to send me pics.

I see a lot of people from EFY and BYUI. infact two people i went to EFY with are in my branch. There are a lot of elders and sisters waiting on visas for brazil. I was taught and I believe this to be true, that father has a plan for us his children. There is a reason that i am in Provo at this time. I dont know why yet but there is. Itis weird to think that Thanksgiving is this week. I am gonna miss being home, but i know i am doing a great work and cannot come down... to quote Nehemiah.

Use everyday if you can. Tell everyone to. It really helps me and motivates me.

Give Tazie a hug and kiss for me

That is all for now. Eu seu que Jesus Cristo e O Salvador e O filho de Deus.

Te Amo

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oi from Provo 11/14/09

Tudo Bem?

I am doing well. I really am having a great time here in the Provo Missionary Training Center. There really is an abundance of the Lords espirito here. I have some really otimo teachers. I have already learned a lot. I am sorry mother that I would not talk you; but, remember I get blessings for obedience. If I get blessings that means you blessings as well.

I have a pretty awesome companion. His name is Elder McQuivey. He is from Vernal, Utah. He is computer geek so we actaully get along pretty well. I am glad for this time that I get to serve the Lord.

I probably will gain weight. I feel like I already have. I have a big glass of choclate milk every meal. So, I proabably will get fat.

I was asked to serve as the Senior companion. I was in President Wilkson's branch but, however I will be in a new one because the mtc is growing because the visa problems.

I am trying to be the best that I can. I am trying to turn my will over to the Lord.

How is North Carolina?

I have recieved 3 letters. One from Mom, one from Amy and one from a friend from college. This is a pic of my Companion and myself.

I will write you next friday that is my regualar Pday. I ran into Elder Cyrier. and some other elders I went to college with.

Eu Seu que Joseph Smith e um profeta.

All My Love

Elder Athans

P.S. No pics today...I will try to send some. All my Love