Friday, September 25, 2009

Twilight: A Four Month Journey

So, I need to state some facts for the record about Stephanie Meyers Twilight series. I have offically read Twilight. It only took my four months to do so but I did. That is a lot coming from a person that does not read ever ever ever ever ever ever. (You think I had enough evers memoried). I flew back from SLC and the entire plan ride I read Twilight. I actually finished it as well. I will admit it is not half bad. I enjoyed it because I was a nice quick and easy read. Just by admiting these facts I have lost any man point I ever had or will hope to have. Since I have already lost them, here is what I go from Twilight. It is a decent love story. I am a guy; but, I do like a good love story. Hence why "Love Story" by Taylor Swift is one of my favorite songs. I like most people want a happy ending (a Sugarland reference). I believe and will still hold true that Edward Cullen is totally a creeper. I mean he seems like a pretty legit guy but still a creeper. Out of all the characters in the narrative I identify with Bella. It might just because she is the primary character or the narrrative is told from her point of view anyways. I guess I identify with a lot of her same personality traits and such....Holy Crap I will never live this down for admitting this especailly on my my blog. Oh well It is all facts. For the Record...I am already 125 pages into New Moon after only reading it one day. Ta.

P.S. I did get paid 20 bucks for reading the book....and will get 5 dollars for watching the movie.