Sunday, November 23, 2008

One more thing I have on Edward AND Jacob

Due the response i got from the first entry this follow up thought occured

When asked if i was threatened by Edward and Jacob, i responded

"I am never threatened by FICITONAL thing i have on Both Edward and Jacob is that I am real...are they real?"

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twi Freaking Light

What a blessed day...Twilight the movie came out.

I was there with all the other 3000 girls in Idaho Falls for the Midnight if ...gag me

Sorry for all those who love the books. I dont!!!! I know have not read the books but the following are my thoughts to explain why i HATE TWILIGHT

1)everyone is obessed with them. Come on...there are more imporant things to do the scriptures...GO ON homework...write missionaries...etc.
2)it gives females a worped idea of the "perfect man"
Women there are plenty of Edwards and Jacobs to go around...I promise...wait who needs an Edward or Jacob...they have got nothing on me

the following is a quote i get from a girls facebook status
"destined to be miserable...being that edward cullen does not actually exist"

Guys like Edward exist I promise

Look around and find them

Sorry if this is hateful

These are my feelings

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Here are the Pics of me as Dwight K. Shrute from The Office (I am Brandi and Twilight)

This is me and my friend Bobbie
We had to Eat Spagetti off the table with large utenils.
There is a Sex Predator on the loose!(its on The Office)
Dwight and his recorder
Dwight Kurt Shrute III