Friday, October 31, 2008

Pre-Halloween Plans

So, I was kinda having a little hard time deciding on what to be for this demonic holiday known as "Halloween"

My initial ideas was to be the Joker (the 2008 verision, Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight [Heath Ledger {R.I.P.}] not the 1989 version, Tim Burton, Batman [Jack Nicholson {still living}])
But after some thought, lack of trying to find a purple suit, and after watching the most recent episode of The Office when three people all dressed up as The Joker.

So, my next ideas were:
1) Jim from The Office
2) Dwight from the Office
3) Gollum (loin cloth and all)

So, The final decision is/was Dwight

The picture is just a little preview of kinda what I will try to look like (if you Watch The Office you will understand this picture)

So, Ta

Look for Pics coming soon

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sadie Hawkins

this is an email from my bishop

The Bishopric is pleased to declare Sadie Hawkins in 13th Ward until November 1st!  That means Sisters, this is your chance to ask a Brother in the ward on a date.

Sisters -- Show the brethren how it ought to be done--fun and inexpensive!  We challenge EVERY sister in the ward to go on a date with a brother in the ward by November 1st.

Brethren -- Show the sisters how to say "yes" and how to be a fun date. 

We hope you'll have lots of fun with this!  Paying for these dates is negotiable, but brethren, we encourage you to step up.  And everybody please remember -- going on a date is NOT a long-term commitment, it's just a chance to spend a few hours having fun.

One last reminder:  A date means 1) planned, 2) paid for, and 3) paired-off.  Double and triple dates are perfectly fine.  Informal group hanging-out does not count.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

_________(Insert Title Here)

So, I havent made any new posts in 11 days.

I really dont know where this post is gonna go. Hence the title i have had.

I have been doing some looking into other people's blogs.  Old friends from Charlotte.  It is mostly my old married *friends.  It is a nice to see what is going in there lives.  I miss just being able to go over to the Halls or the Copes and Hang out with them and their families (and steal some food).  Being on my own is getting easier....i still miss everyone but i am making more friends and i know this is good for me.  if any of you get a chance i definitely recommend going to the Rexburg, Idaho Temple.  I go every week.  I love it.  There is a sense of peace in the temple that you cannot find anywhere else.

Mom told me to put this picture on here.  A friend was in a humanities class and see need a hero picture and who else would she think of ME.

*when I say old married friends--i mean any body that is older than me (most of my friends) that is married and/or has children

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This I Believe

In the 1950's there was an essay contest entitled, "This I Believe."
Normal everyday people would write an essay to tell everyone what they believe.  I had to do this with my english class.  The following is what I believe

Our Fundamental Need

By: Zachary D. Athans

I believe all humans have a fundamental need.  We need something to move us through the crap of life.  This is achieved by having heroes. I believe in the power of heroes and the effect that they can have in anyone’s life.  I remember when I was younger; I always wanted to be Superman or Luke Skywalker.  Now that I am older, I find that I still need a hero like I needed them then.  I also realize that I have many heroes that have always been there; I have and will always need them. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.  Every hero has a specific purpose to whomever they are heroic to.  Every person at some point in their lives needs a hero.

            Superheroes are worshiped by children and adults alike.  Superheroes speak through all generations of time.  For example, Superman was needed when he was created just as much as he is today to stand as an incorruptible symbol for truth, justice and the American way.  In times in my life, I would think, “How would Superman (someone who always does the right thing) handle this situation?”  This would make a situation just a little easier.  This is an important function of heroes.         One of my favorite things about superheroes specifically is how they can always do the right thing.  In a world of gray for me, they always can see black and white.  They always inspire us to become a better person.

            In my older years, I realize that my parents are heroes for me.  I realize that all that I am or will ever be is because of them.  Heroes put others needs above their own.  When I think of my parents, this is one of the things that comes to mind.  I know they will do anything and give anything for me.  Heroes are also teachers.  My parents teach by example.  My parents truly are the best examples that I know in word and deed.

            Heroes also have concern for the one.  This could be looked at from a prospective as a Christian; Jesus of Nazareth, always had concern for the specific needs of every person.  Another personal hero of my mine is my best friend, Frank.  He had so much concern for me, every night he would call me just to make sure I was doing alright.  He has been and still is always there for me when I need him.  A hero is always there to lift the person up.

            Everybody needs a hero.  I am certain of this. Heroes can be fictional or real; heroes help a person by helping them see more clearly, by putting others needs above their own needs, being an example, or just caring about a person.  I believe everyone needs a hero.  I believe heroes in all shapes and forms will always be needed.