Friday, October 31, 2008

Pre-Halloween Plans

So, I was kinda having a little hard time deciding on what to be for this demonic holiday known as "Halloween"

My initial ideas was to be the Joker (the 2008 verision, Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight [Heath Ledger {R.I.P.}] not the 1989 version, Tim Burton, Batman [Jack Nicholson {still living}])
But after some thought, lack of trying to find a purple suit, and after watching the most recent episode of The Office when three people all dressed up as The Joker.

So, my next ideas were:
1) Jim from The Office
2) Dwight from the Office
3) Gollum (loin cloth and all)

So, The final decision is/was Dwight

The picture is just a little preview of kinda what I will try to look like (if you Watch The Office you will understand this picture)

So, Ta

Look for Pics coming soon

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