Saturday, October 18, 2008

_________(Insert Title Here)

So, I havent made any new posts in 11 days.

I really dont know where this post is gonna go. Hence the title i have had.

I have been doing some looking into other people's blogs.  Old friends from Charlotte.  It is mostly my old married *friends.  It is a nice to see what is going in there lives.  I miss just being able to go over to the Halls or the Copes and Hang out with them and their families (and steal some food).  Being on my own is getting easier....i still miss everyone but i am making more friends and i know this is good for me.  if any of you get a chance i definitely recommend going to the Rexburg, Idaho Temple.  I go every week.  I love it.  There is a sense of peace in the temple that you cannot find anywhere else.

Mom told me to put this picture on here.  A friend was in a humanities class and see need a hero picture and who else would she think of ME.

*when I say old married friends--i mean any body that is older than me (most of my friends) that is married and/or has children

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Brandi said...

Zach you are hilarious! You can call us your old friends any time. Hope you have a great day.