Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sadie Hawkins

this is an email from my bishop

The Bishopric is pleased to declare Sadie Hawkins in 13th Ward until November 1st!  That means Sisters, this is your chance to ask a Brother in the ward on a date.

Sisters -- Show the brethren how it ought to be done--fun and inexpensive!  We challenge EVERY sister in the ward to go on a date with a brother in the ward by November 1st.

Brethren -- Show the sisters how to say "yes" and how to be a fun date. 

We hope you'll have lots of fun with this!  Paying for these dates is negotiable, but brethren, we encourage you to step up.  And everybody please remember -- going on a date is NOT a long-term commitment, it's just a chance to spend a few hours having fun.

One last reminder:  A date means 1) planned, 2) paid for, and 3) paired-off.  Double and triple dates are perfectly fine.  Informal group hanging-out does not count.

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Chare said...

So Im not in your ward, but I would totally take you on a date....and yes, I will marry you so you can be Chloe's uncle! ;)
I love you...bahahaha!