Friday, September 26, 2008


I kinda liked the response, I got from the last one.

So, I kinda feel like Will from The Fresh Prince of Belair, my world got flip turned upside down.  By this I mean, I am a T.V. person who cannot really watch T.V.. It really sucks sometimes.
I get to watch, Smallville, I liked it alright.  The story advanced barely.

After Smallville, I went over to my FHE Sisters and watched 'The Office' Season premiere.  It was way cool.  I love the office.

All for now

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update 9/24

Well, It has been a while

Here is the update...I am in college at Brigham Young University-Idaho.  I love it here.  I have very chill roommates.  As cheesy as it sounds, my roommates were really answers to many prayers.  They are all RM's so I have good experience to draw on.  They through me a really legit Bday party.

I expected college to be really easy for me in terms of being on my own.  Oh boy did I learn on the contrary. I had been on my own for almost two my dear friend Annette said, "How can you be homesick you've been away so long already.  For about two weeks, I was deathly homesick.  Im doing better now.   Thanks to my best friend Frank (one of my children will be named after him)

I am in the BYU-Idaho 6th Stake, 13th Ward.  My stake president is Henry Erying...son of President Henry B. Erying.  Thats pretty cool.  I am on the activites committee.  I was so shocked.  Oh well, we have our first activity on saturday.  Wish us luck.

The two pics are of my bedroom (Thanks to the Cope Family I have that awesome comforter, check out their blog it rocks)
The other is some bday cupcakes in an ice cream come my friend made for me.

Well thats all for now 

I Love you all