Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update 9/24

Well, It has been a while

Here is the update...I am in college at Brigham Young University-Idaho.  I love it here.  I have very chill roommates.  As cheesy as it sounds, my roommates were really answers to many prayers.  They are all RM's so I have good experience to draw on.  They through me a really legit Bday party.

I expected college to be really easy for me in terms of being on my own.  Oh boy did I learn on the contrary. I had been on my own for almost two my dear friend Annette said, "How can you be homesick you've been away so long already.  For about two weeks, I was deathly homesick.  Im doing better now.   Thanks to my best friend Frank (one of my children will be named after him)

I am in the BYU-Idaho 6th Stake, 13th Ward.  My stake president is Henry Erying...son of President Henry B. Erying.  Thats pretty cool.  I am on the activites committee.  I was so shocked.  Oh well, we have our first activity on saturday.  Wish us luck.

The two pics are of my bedroom (Thanks to the Cope Family I have that awesome comforter, check out their blog it rocks)
The other is some bday cupcakes in an ice cream come my friend made for me.

Well thats all for now 

I Love you all


Tracy said...

Zach, I'm glad to read you're feeling less homesick. We miss you here, but are excited that you're "out in the real world". Being an adult definitely has its ups and downs, and college days seemed to have a special concentration of both. Best of luck with your activity. We miss our "zachy-poo" - I hope your roommates read that one, and the nickname carries on... ;)

Have a great weekend (I know we're not quite there yet, but that's optimism for you...).

Love ya,

Aaron and Mandy said...

OK Zach - So what did you think of the premiere of Smallville. I thought about you the whole time. I loved it. Way cool. Also - think they did a good job of phasing out Lana. Not even into her anymore which is amazing. Sounds like you are having fun. Keep up the great work. Cheers, Mandy

Kim said...

Hey Zach... you know yo made your mom's day by saying you were homesick... but we really know you just miss eating at my house!!

Glad to hear the roommates are good... hopefully w/RM's you won't have to worry about your roomie's hiding Schope's in the closet!

We miss you too... our Sundays are so boring!
Love the cupcake!

Brandi said...

Zach I didn't know you had been adding to your blog until your mom emailed me. I'm sorry to hear that you were homesick. I hope that is getting better. How come you aren't living in the dorms with all the other pre-mish guys? That is where the party probably is! ;) I'm glad you got good RM's though. Roommates make all the difference I swear.

Don't worry about missing your TV shows. We didn't have a TV part of my time at BYU and I was fine. You get over it and you are so busy you don't miss it.

Well the Cope family missed you too. If there is ever a door knock on Sunday the kids go a running screamin "Zach!" And I can't believe Kim still thinks she was the only one who was feeding you! HA ;)

Take care buddy and have fun!!