Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Esta semana foi muito rapido

Oí e tudo bem

First of all, everyone totally freaked out about the peeing thing. I do drink a lot before I go to bed and its only like once a night, maybe twice. Thanks for the concern; but, all is well. I still dont sleep well but that is nothing new. I am totally fine.

Wow, I think week was pretty freaking amazing. Wow, this week went by crazy fast. I really dont believe it. The e-mail I sent you mom was one from President congratulating us on our baptism we had this week. Put it into a translator and read it.

Silvia, that awesome investigator I told you about last week got baptized yesterday. She is awesome. Ekstrom got to bapize her. President likes members to do it usually, but she really wanted Ekstorm and he got permission so yeah. The spirit was really strong. We have another baptism this week. A little girl whose parents are not members yet. They will take a little time. We taught her everything and she will get baptized next Sunday after church. We have another baptism of the mother of a young women the week after. The field is white, no matter where you are. Everyone needs the gospel even in Vass.

It rained like crazy this week, yeah, I dont like rain. Our apartment is not sealed the best, so yeah we got a little wet. All is well however. The investigators we taught live like 50 mins from us walking so yeah. A lot of walking this past week and the weeks to come.

Church was really good yesterday. My patriarchial blessing tells me to keep a journal while I am on my mission. I am really faithful about it too. I write like 3 pages a day. I got the distinct impression yesterday morning that I needed to write and bear my testimony in it. I did not know why but I did it. Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting and president likes for us to bear our testimony every fast Sunday. I got up there and wow português came out. I got complimented on it too. It was amazing. I can feel the Lord making up for my weaknesses.

One funny quote dad will probably like from Ekstrom about my work ethic: "Your not the chillest of people." It made me laugh very hard. I love him so much.

Well, all for this week. Keep praying for me as I pray for you.


Elder Athans

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