Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mais uma batisma

Well, I am glad to report we had another great week. This definitely is the work of the Lord. I have a testimony of that. A lot of crazy things happened this week. I did another division, so Elder Ekstrom could work with one of the Elders in our district. It was supposed to end about 8 but Ekstrom and them ran out of money so I had to stay overnight in the other area, which would have been fine already if i had my contacts. The other Elder, Croshaw, wore contacts so I used his case but when I put them in it totally burned my eye for like an hour. oh well, so I had to walk blind to undo the division. Its all good.
Last night we were walking to an appointment and it takes a good 45 minutes to an hour to walk there and we saw a bus accident. It was crazy. This car plowed into the back of a bus going like 70 kmh. It was literally pancaked underneath the bus. I was a little shellshocked. One member we took with us said I got red in the face. When we came back everyone and their mother was there looking at the accident. The news was there too. It was a little hard to handle.
So, my português is getting better thank goodness. I understand and can communicate better now. Renata the first girl we baptized said my portugues is 100 percent better but i still did not understand that. Hahaha funny. I showed her a family picture the one right beforeIi left and she was like you look younger, which Ekstrom told me was a polite way of saying you have gotten fatter, hahaha!!!!
So, Silvia got the holy ghost this week it was awesome. I am a witness of how a person can speak with a new tongue after recieving the holy ghost. She talked a lot before but she would open her mouth and pure testimony would come out. It was awesome
We had a baptism yesterday. A little girl who was 8 years old whose parents are not members because they are not married. It was good. The spirit was strong and I think it sparked in interest in her mom to get baptized.
Honice is a someone else we are teaching. She got interviewed and will be baptized next Sunday. Yahoo. Last night she was having doubts. I felt inspired to ask her if she would like a priesthood blessing and she accepted. Ekstrom gave the blessing and it had some great promises in it. I am happy for her.
So I had a goal to save 2 white shirts for my 1 year mark but yeah I cracked them open this week. If you ever send me something....send me some more shirts, they come in handy (not oxford style the other kind).
This week we have mission tour with Elder Godoy from the area 70 and presidency and zone conference.
One thing I have learned is that everything in our faith hangs on authority. It is the answer to everyones question and the deciding factor if people get baptiazed or not.
Dad my companion and I at night when walking home sing the song, "American Pie" and I think about you. It is kinda fun .
Well all is well. Continue to pray for me and send me letters.
I love you all
Elder Athans

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