Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oí From the Great State of Utah

Happy Christmas everyone. This week really has been an eye opener for me in lots of ways. I will start out with the not so great news and then i will get to the better news.

Well, yesterday we had a TRC (teaching resource center). We taught in português the first lesson. My português is really coming along. The gift of tongues is real; I testify of that. But, I really wasnt feeling it. I had an interview with one of my teachers afterwards...they have to interview us every week and let our branch president know about us. I was interviewed my Irmão Flanigan (a really great man). For some reason I just couldn't hold back my tears. I just bawled which is really not like me to do much anymore. I don't cry much. I learned that the evil that is pride has gotten to me and I need to work on my humility. I learned that humility is being able to trust in the Lord that he will help you accomplish all that he requires of you. Pride is trusting in your own abilities. I have been trusting in my own abiliites too much. My pride has brought my very low...but when are brought low... that is when can begin to excerise faith in our beloved Reedeemer who can make more out of us that we ever could. Humility is what I am going to work on this week.

Well updates..earlier this week I got to go off campus and go with my companion to the doctor...just a case of athletes foot haha...it was fun...the best part was riding in the van....its been six weeks too long...

We were visited on Tuesday by Elder Neil L. Andersen of the quorom of 12. He was awesome. His famous tagline for that talk was this know ye the condensention of God. The spirit was very strong with him. I have been singing in the MTC choir, so I got to sing for him.

On 12/23 we had a district night, where the 8 of us and our 2 teachers in the district....each went around and said what we liked about the other one. We did it for everyone. It really did make us all feel better. Tthe spirit of Christ is to build up not break down. One of the sisters, Sister Riggs said one thing in particular that I really liked...it was two qualities she admired in me...maturity (no idea haha) and enthusaism (rubbing my hands together when i get excited...thanks pai). The spirit was very strong there.

We did a district-wide white elephant gift exchange with a 2 dollar limit. I got a retractable sharpie and a pocket protector for my item to put in the pot...but, I ended up liking it so much I actually did end up walking away with it.... and yes, I do wear a pocket protector and proud of it.

Last night, we had a special fireside from the MTC presidency. Elder McQuivey and I got to sit front row. That was cool. There were testimonies shared and and music performed. The spirit truely was there. One of the most touching pieces was a harp composition played by Sister Smart (Elizabeth). I enjoyed it.

I kept the traditon going from the Athans family. I read Luke 2 by myself and opened one present. Amy, I opened the pack of gum...I thought is was very ironic because missionaries are not supposed to chew gum.....sorry. Thank you anyways.

This morning my companion and myself got up way early.... like 5:45 to do our laundry. It is still p-day for us hahahaha....we had it done by 7:45 i think...we waited for a good seat for the devotional this morning too haha...we had Elder L. Tom Perry of the 12 there this morning...that was pretty cool...he rocks....I am grateful for this opporutunity to serve the Lord.

So, I opened my presents thank you so much...I love them so much.....a lot of candy...actually, I have kinda stoped eating candy but i guess I will start up again. Thanks for the suspenders they rock...I put them on immediately.

Tell Aunt Shelia and Whitney thanks for me...their gift was way too generous. Amy, I love the gifts...if it don't finish the candy here...I will in Brazil..... not that I know if I am going yet. We got 10 more visas this week. I hope soon...because we only have 2 weeks left before we become a mega district.

One quick concept that I have learned this week is the importance of a study journal. I have my regualar journal yes...but it is important to have a journal which you keep your insights and revelations from the scriptues in. My testimony has increased because of this. I learned how I can best use mine too. I write out my thought processes in sentences rather than bullets. It really has helped.

One thing...I am not on a mountain. The prophet Nehemiah never was...he was rebuilding the walls at jersalem. I am doing a great work so that I cannnot come down.

My hope and testimony is that this season we will remember who this holiday is about....our Saviour Jesus Cristo. He leads this work. He was the babe of belém. We only make it through his merits, mercy, and grace.

I love you all.

Pray for me and I do for you.

I know this work is important.....the most important one

I love you all so much,

Elder Athans

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