Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hello all from the great state of Utah!

Hello all from the great state of Utah. It is a shame about those Utes, I wish they won. I could hear the game from here. Wow, a lot has happened in the district this week. In just a few days, we will have gone from 11 to 8 members. One of our Elders went home earlier this week. He was from Radford, VA. I hope he comes back. His personality reminded me a lot of Breman or Elder Nope.

Then, yesterday we found out that one Elder and one Sister got their visas, so they leave next week. So, they are starting to come. So, Mom it is very important that you send me my debit and drivers license very now!

Did I ever tell you that one of my teachers is from Holladay. He knew Elder Van Roosendaal. Ahhah...I ran into a Sister that served in the Carmel ward yesterday. She teaches here now. Her former name was Sister Asteul or some thing like that.'s printer has been down so I havent really recieved any letters, which is kinda of a bummer. We went to the temple today. I ran into someone from Charlotte there; it was pretty funny. He was a Lucas from Monroe. Have you heard from the Graves recently. Dont stop sending me dearelders....keeep sending them so i will get a bunch, lol.

How is the family? How is TJ? How is Tazie?

How is the house? Dad, did you print off those pics of Copes family yet? Print me off some pics of the house, too.

Well, the portuguese is coming along. I am kinda ready to be in Brazil, but not at the same time. Rumor is that the prophet visits on Christmas, so i kinda want to be here for that.

What else to say? My companion Elder McQuievey was sick earlier this week and i got to give him a priesthood blessing. Then the next day, I had him give me one of counsel.

The mission really is the best. It is very tiring WORK but it will pay divendends. Did Aunt Elsie get my letter? How is she doing?

How is Bishop Johnson? Send him my regards if you would.

Mom me Frank, Michelle and Meghans emails please. I have letters for all of them just no addresses. Any comments on my blog/facebook? Oh yeah, btw kc porters utah address use facebook to get it.

I wish I had a lot of great things to say. To be hones,t it is just a lot of little things. The Lord has blessed me so much. The spirit is awesome. I really am trying hard to be receptive to its promptings. Easier said then done, but I am doing my best. Portuguese is very hard but I know the Lord will provide a way for my like he always has. Pray for me with that. I hope you all have recieved the blessings for me serving.

What else.............i still havent seen Allen yet. If he does find me...tell him so smuggle me in a pizza. I would like that but I really dont need to gain weight ....every meal I drink either 2 glasses of grape juice or 2 glasses of BYU chocolate milk. I also have a bowl of life ceral. Last time I weighed in it was 6.5 lbs. I go between 5 and 9 lbs. I want to leave the exact some as when I left.

Well all for now...I wish I had more to say but I really dont. If i get my visa, I will get to call you earlier because I wont able to call you on Christmas down in Brazil...what ever happens there is a reason for me to be here at this time. Something I need to learn or be touched by or I might need to touch someone else.

Oh yeah, tomorrow we get to Skype with teachers in Brazil to work on the language....because we are all here in Provo...we are supposed to teach the first lesson in our mission langugage ahhhhhhhh. I am not ready, oh well, I just have to open my mouth.

Dad one thought for you....I have learned as a missionary that we do not teach lessons we teach people. That is why preaching my gospel is so important. It teaches us to tailor the message to the individual person. That is why we don't memorize the lessons.

Well, all for now.Tthe church is true. I love the Lord and this work. Remember, I am doing a great work so that I cannot come down.

I love and pray for you,

Elder Athans

Write me back soon

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