Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hello family

Tudo bem

Well, here is the subject says that I have bad news and I do for you. It is that I will not be able to call home on Christmas because of how many people are here. So sorry, but I can write you a letter because that is just like a conversaton.

So, here is an update for you...remember how that one Elder Handy got his visa and was supposed to leave? Right after emailing you...he got sick and had to quarantine because of swine flu. They made everyone in the district take Tamiflu except for those who have had both shots...regualr and swine, so no Tamiflu for Elder Athans.

The MTC is a lot of the same. Not a whole lot to report. Every week we have what are called TRC...teaching recource center....where we teach a fake investigator. Thursday was our last one in English. Next Thursday, we are supposed to teach in only português. That should be an experience. Pray for me.

So, Mark Hall pretty much sent me the coolest package every. It almost tied Amy's birthday present for college. He sent me some pics of him and the girls....some twilight themed candy...a kuzi from DD Peckers that orginally said chicks dig peckers but he made it say chicks dig RMs...the best part about it was there was about 10 letters in it from all the Charlotte people such as Jason Pratt, Frank, Cope, Richard Morrell, Blake Hart, Bryant Haines. It was so amazing.

Update on visas...we got a form this week about a background check for the visas...I had to open up my package to get my new lincese for it. Sorry, Mom, Thanks for the present though.

I'm probably sitting about 7 or 8 lbs more. Scary right? Yes?

Mom, could you get me the following addresses asap? I have letters with stamps on them with no address. Frank, Michelle, Meghan Cunningham, Ryan and Melissa and finally Aunt Shelia.

The langugage is coming slowing but surely. We are no longer allowed to speak English in class starting today. I have a feeling it will be a very silent class. Pray for me if you could about the language. It could really help.

My friend Kaylin from school got her call to Guatemala, Guatemala City Central. I am happy for her. I have started reading the Book of Mormon again, but i started it in 3rd Nephi which is rocking...I am trying to find as many parrellels to Preach my gospel as possible. They are everywhere. It will help my future investigators.

Mom sidenote...I think I have set up my debitcard already with a pin, try it out, activate it and send to me asap if possible.

Well that is all for this week. Thank you both Mom and Amy for the compliments on last weeks letters. I am learning.

Dad me a little more...bare testimony...share expereiences from your mission....give advice...i do miss hearing it.

Oh yeah, this week for the portuguese part of the TRC we had to bring in a pic of my family and talk about them. Hahhaha....

The work goes on. Remember I am doing a great work so that I cannot come down.

The Lord loves us all and wants to bless us....let us be obedient so that he can.

Te Amo

Èlder Athans

P.S. How is TJ?...Let him know I love him and have thought about him a lot this week


Meghan said...

My home address is 14718 Pomerol Lane Pineville NC 28134. I am heading home tomorrow so that would be the place to send it. In January it will go back to my school address which is 110 Country Club Drive Cobb Residence Hall Room 448 Chapel Hill NC 27514. You are in my prayers and I will add the specifics about the Portuguese, no problem!! Much love,

DEALS WITH IT ! said...

Zach, Austen's cousin, Tyler Moore has been in Guatemala Central for a month or so!

--Bro Deal