Saturday, December 19, 2009

Feliz Natal

Feliz Natal Família,

Well, just another P-day here in the Provo MTC. I did a sesssion at the temple this morning. That was good. Oh yeah, I saw Allen a few minutes ago. He wants me to sign up to do a class with him. Hahaha, we will see. Oh yeah, remember the Noels from Charlotte mission president? I saw sister Noel here. They just got back from a mission in Alaska.

Thank you for the packages. I got three: Amy, Mom, and Aunt Cindy. I have not opened them. Mom, did you send my debit card in my Christmas package?

You should be receiving an envelope from me very soon. Open it on Christmas Day with the entire family.

Thanks for the addresses...i got most of them sent out. The português is coming along. I dont realize it a lot but the Lord really is helping out with the gift of tongues. I have started this new rule: every time I speak inglês outside of the dorm and gym I have to do 5 pushups. First day I had to do like 85...oh yeah, I do them all at the end of the day and I can't read my letters until I have completed them all. Hahahaha!

An update on the visas...all the missionaries who don't have them and have been here longer than their normal 9 weeks of the MTC...they are combined with one or two other districts into what is called a mega district....and basically they don't have a teacher and they have missionary directed time all day. Hopefully, that won't happen to me. But, there is some good news...31 visas came yesterday and more might come today. Really pray for the visas. I have begun to do so.

Sunday, for the fireside we had the BYU mens choir sing...that was pretty good....and Tuesday we had Elder and Sister Maynes from the 70.

Other than that the MTC has been a lot of the same....12 hours a day of study Hahahaha....

How is NC? How is Tazie? How is TJ? How is the ward?

I heard the news about carmen that is ótimo (awesome)!

Hahaha it really is hard to speak english at times... i have to stop and think about which word in the language I want to speak....irony.

I really want a visa. What are the plans for Christmas? I really don't know what the MTC plans are... probably an apostolo or the profeta. I am not sure. It will be good. How can it not be good? I am in the service of the most high God.

I will miss you this holiday season but Tudo Bem (all is well)

I think and pray about you all often. You all have been a great support and a leading factor to where I am today.

Remember that this season is about our Master even Jesus Cristo.

Te Amo

Elder Athans

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