Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pizzaria Novo Horizonte

Wow this week in all reality flew by really fast. So I am sure you all want to know about transfers. So, here is what went down. Elder Ekstrom and I stayed together yet again. Which is good because we work very well together. We know each other very well too well at times but all is well. Elder Johnson that lived in our apartment, he had been there 4 transfers still his greenie area and Elder Croshaw in our district was transferred too. We got Elder Bastos from São Paulo in our apartment. He is pretty cool, so our district is now equal 3 Americans and 3 Brasileiros. This is a short transfer only 5 weeks instead of the normal 6 weeks this is because of Americans and visas or something. Only 1 5 week transfer a year here.

The weather has been amazing this week. Like usually I sweat jemais (too much) but I have rarely sweated this week. It’s really pretty nice. Ekstrom has been freezing its kinda funny. I heard Duke won the tournament. Is that correct? Send me a copy of the brackets. Elder Ekstrom had a major cold this week but he still went on awesome great example to me.

We have 2 investigators that we are working with this week on baptism to be baptized on the 24th. Whoa. We found an awesome family of 6 yesterday all above age 8. They are really sweet. I will be praying for them a lot this week.

Geovanne, a recent convert, his godfather passed away. So we and another companionship sang at the graveside service and Elder Ekstrom offered a prayer. It was good. I was really glad to be there for him.

Edson got confirmed yesterday. It was neat. I love him so much. I cannot go over to his house without laughing like crazy. He is just a really funny person. I sealed the anointing on 2 blessings this week. One for a little kid and the other for Ekstrom. It’s really weird because in blessings you have to use a different form the Tu form. It was good. The priesthood is real. I know it and it is the only thing that makes our church valid.

Oh yeah I got a package and a letter this week. It was awesome. Mom thank you so much for the package. It was so amazing. I loved it. The letter was from Gillian Voigt. Nice surprise.

Oh yeah a tragedy happened. So, we live four stories up right. I was emptying my hair from my electric razor out the window like always and the head fell off (the white part). It was very sad. I picked up all the pieces but yeah, the body of it is still good just the head is not good. So it’s back to a normal Razor for Elder Athans for the time being.

The gospel is true the work carries on. I love you all. Happy 58,000000 birthday mom (by the way the period and the comma are switched here.)

Elder Athans

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Meghan said...

It is true that duke won the tournament. It was one of the saddest days of my year. I miss you and hope that all is well. Be expecting a large package as soon as I get out of school, aka when I life back! Any requests for a care package, I'm going to splurge and send a big box! I have many stories for you and I love reading all of yours every week! You are in my prayers every day, love you!!!