Sunday, April 25, 2010

Im back Im back

Querido Minha Família,

Well I am glad to report that one more week happened, man time is flying. It's weird to think I get to talk to you guys in just like 3 weeks....weird and exciting. Well, p-day last week was kinda boring. We did not really do a whole lot which was nice. I wrote some letters and coisas assim. =).

Tuesday, after district meeting I did a division with Elder Erick. He is way cool. He is in the other ward in our building. He came to our area, so I had to go senior for a day. I was slightly nervous but the day went so well. We taught like 8 lessons together and found like 10 new which was sweet. Oh yeah, he is a Brazilian so português all day long.

The rest of the week was a little bit of a downer. I got in a weird funk Like i was going through the motions but I was not all there. Very chato (annoying) but I am glad to report that I am back to 100% now.

Saturday, Denise and Taleson were interviewed for baptism. They both passed. Denise had to give up coffee this week and she had some major would think that she was a druggie. But, she has kicked it which is good. They will be baptized on Saturday.

Funny we were at the bus station waiting for a bus and we were speaking english to each other and this girl behind us in perfect english said, "excuse me can I ask you a question? You are from America right, why would you come here?" It caught us off guard. Then we started speaking portugues to her...haha. She lived in Florida for most of her life. We explained how were called by a profeta of god. She really wants to go back to the U.S. She likes but does not love Brazil...really funny.

I ask that you will pray for me this week especially that my teaching will improve. This is one thing I feel is lacking right pray for it please.

Yesterday, we went with Edson's mom to her church. One thing about Brazil is there is at least 20 churches on every joke. It was a assemblia de deus (assembly of god). It was really loud and weird but a good experience. They focused a lot on the cross at calvary. I gained an apprecation for other christian churches, because even though they do not have a fullness of the truth they are still trying to teach and worship Jesus in the way they know best. It was fun.

I am getting another haircut today. Is smallville on its last season (Mom you can email Mandy this question for me?) We have zone conference this week so we get letters whoa.

One more funny thing for dad. The brazilains that have bikes really dont have brakes so they used there feet (flipflops) to stop. We watched a kid go down big hill and stop with his feet. It was really funny!!

Well all for now.

Give my love to TJ and the rest of the family. I love you all!!!

Elder Athão (Big Athans)

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