Monday, April 5, 2010

Muito Legal

Oí e tudo bem todos. This week is very good. I am pleased to report that the mission is still going very well. Well let’s see Tuesday I was sick. I woke up with diarrhea, não bom. Ekstrom had a meeting at Presidents so Elder Carvalho went with him. He brought back my temporary companion and we just stayed in. I did not feel well. You are supposed to get permission from Sister Pickett but I could not get a hold of her till later but she agreed I could stay in. It was kinda lame; I wanted to work and show the area to the other Elder. He is Brazilian, we got along well. For lunch Elders Carvalho and Johnson ate at the Relief Society Presidents and she sent us food. She sent like directions and medicine. It was nice. I love her so much. One thing that she sent was this juice stuff from a bark of a tree, it was so nasty I only could have like an ounce. Gross, but I am better now, just sick that one day.

Well, we have seen some sorrows this week. Our baptism Silvia was really down this week. She did not want to talk about it and yeah, she left yesterday going to the Bahia other part of Brazil, kinda sad, I hope she still stays strong.

Poliana was a baptism we had scheduled for yesterday. She told us on Saturday she did not want to be baptized. That was really sad.

Enough sad...yesterday we had yet another baptism. It was Edson, the seven toed man I found. I found him during a morning while we were doing what is called bhag (big hairy audacious goal). President has us do this to make sure we work in the morning before lunch. He is hilarious. He was late to church, and after the sacrament was passed they opened the door and the entire chapel could hear him say that he was late. Then when he was changing into the jumpsuit, there were bathroom had stalls but he did not use them. Then when was walking down into the font, we was saying oh Gloria oh dues (god). Then he forget to plug his nose…oh my gosh. I am still laughing. He is awesome. I love him so much.

I did another division this week. This time it was with Elder Brito, he is one of the zone leaders. I worked in his area. His area is still in Vitoria, but more towards the city so that was cool. It was a long day though. His area had hills or mountains so it was a lot of up and down. It was good though.

Well Easter is drawing closer...remember the Master this season. During my studies this week I will be studying about those final days of the master. I would encourage all to do the same; any letters to the dear Elder Athans would be appreciated.

Funny story, here in Brazil everyone gets drunk on the weekends. I got my first drunk guy hug on Saturday. He smelled awful. Ekstrom was laughing the entire time. General conference is this weekend whoa. I love it. we are trying to get a room for English we should be able to but pray for it because as much as I love Portuguese and I do....I would rather watch in English. Ekstrom turned 20 this week so that was fun.

Transfers are next week so we will see. Hey mail me a copy of the final bracket.

I am excited today because to celebrate Ekstrom’s birth we are going golfing you will find out more next week.

I love you all pray for me as I do for you.

Elder Athans

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