Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Bunch of Random Thoughts I feel that need to be expressed in the form of blog

#1--We had stake was amazing the spirit was just about ready to explode. I kept thinking a lot about my mission during this time. Now that I am in the home stretch I guess you could say, I really am starting to get pumped. People ask me if I scared and I very quickly respond NO. I remind them that fear is the opposite of faith. However, there are a few things that I am nervous (being nervous and being scared are two totally different things) about: being in a new country, eating food in a new country and how my body responds to it, and learning freaking Portuguese. I am ready to leave tho.

#2--When I get back everything will be different. I thought about this when I was at my best friend copes last night. We were talking about how big Cheeks (Presley) had gotten in two years and then how when I get back his 7 month year old be as big as Cheeks who is 2. I really did get to thinking about how different everything will be when I get back. I think things change fast now and everyone is getting married just wait till I am away for two years. Change is good but I must say I will miss being eye witness to it.

#3--If anyone watched to The Office it was amazing...if that was the last one I saw till I got back...I would still be laughing

#4--I was thinking about why I might have been doomed to a four month wait for my mission. Other than the Lord having is timeing for me I know another reason. A while back I prayed about something and I did not listen to the answer. It took a while and I believe that Lord wanted to show me that by following Him the first time...I would not have had to wait 8 months and see that his ways were better from the get go...YOU LIVE AND LEARN

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