Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twi Freaking Light

What a blessed day...Twilight the movie came out.

I was there with all the other 3000 girls in Idaho Falls for the Midnight if ...gag me

Sorry for all those who love the books. I dont!!!! I know have not read the books but the following are my thoughts to explain why i HATE TWILIGHT

1)everyone is obessed with them. Come on...there are more imporant things to do the scriptures...GO ON homework...write missionaries...etc.
2)it gives females a worped idea of the "perfect man"
Women there are plenty of Edwards and Jacobs to go around...I promise...wait who needs an Edward or Jacob...they have got nothing on me

the following is a quote i get from a girls facebook status
"destined to be miserable...being that edward cullen does not actually exist"

Guys like Edward exist I promise

Look around and find them

Sorry if this is hateful

These are my feelings


Brandi said...

Oh Zach don't even tell me you want to start something up with me. The gloves are off buddy! :)

Spencer and AnnaMarie said... Zach feeling threatened??

Juliet said...

Oh....dearest zach.... These girls aren't obsessed with the Edward Cullen from the books, they're obsessed with that Prince Charming fantasy that Edward represents. And yes, Prince Charming is a fantasy. One day we all find that out one way or another. In the meantime, let the girls have their Edward Cullen or Jacob Black. You'll still be here when the fad blows over, right?

Mike and Lacey Holman said...

I am hurt that you didn't go to the 1230 showing with me in IF. PS this is Bobbiejane