Sunday, April 27, 2008

First one i guess

So Im trying this out because of Brandi Cope who is addicted to her blog and those dumb Vampire books.
Too many chicks have become addicted to them. They pay too much attention to the books instead of me...which is where there focus should be...kidding of course

Wow Brandi if you are reading this, you are kinda right this is kinda cool.

So my life is pretty weird these days I go school to 1030 and then i dont go to advance eye care. i work from home these days so its gets weird.

Well heres the first one



Z.D. Athans

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Brandi said...

Zach! I'm so proud of you! It's fun hu? Now you just need to read "Twilight."

Now I can say I got you blogging and you got me on Facebook. It's a good trade. Missed you today. See you soon!